A New Beginning

Hello my fellow geeks! For those of you that know me from my previous Dorklord Brent blog, welcome to the new site; no point in explaining what is going to happen here because you already know. For those just joining us at Renaissance Geek, a little explanation…

I’m a huge dork.

I mean it, I’m a geek. A geek’s geek. I am, as I describe myself, the last geek generalist in an ever increasing sea of geek specialists. I am the wise old general practitioner of geekery, ignoring none of it and loving all of it. And there is a lot to love, my fellow geeks, a lot to love!

And that is what this website is about, loving the geeky things in life. Because I love it all, and at one point or another I will touch on it all. I’ll talk about things I’ve just discovered and things I’ve known about for years. I’ll even pop in some older posts, possibly revamped, from the Dorklord Brent days (not too often, though; this new blog is about moving forward after all).

I’ll also talk about the things I think are affecting geek culture for good or bad. For instance, “huge dork” can be taken literally in my case; I am over-weight and have been for a while. But I’m working on fixing that, so I’ll talk about that every once in a while, too.

Basically, anything geeky that catches my eye will wind up here eventually. I hope you’ll pop back and check things out every once in a while.

And now…on with the show!


2 thoughts on “A New Beginning

  1. Sorry Brent, but you lose some geek cred. Your high degree of personal hygiene deviates from the norm…

    Scrotus Maximus

  2. On the contrary, my high level of personal hygiene should BE the norm, but I’ll talk about that in another post. *grins*

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